Individual Coaching


I offer one-on-one coaching to individuals who are ready to move into an empowered season of life marked by deeper self-awareness, authenticity, integrity, vitality, and long-term sustainability. By utilizing the Core Energy methodology, I invite my clients to examine their core beliefs, values, and the energetic patterns underlying their ongoing habits and behaviors in order to eliminate internal and external blocks. In doing so, I empower individuals to overcome perceived barriers and as a result, align WHO they are, HOW they show up, and WHAT they are creating with their lives.


Specialized Cohorts


In order to make coaching a more affordable and accessible experience to a wider range of participants, I offer select group coaching sessions throughout the year. These cohorts are comprised of 4-6 individuals who have a similar background and/or are working through similar issues and seeking breakthrough in a particular area of life. If you are interested in being considered for a future cohort, please submit a contact form and share a few details about who you are and what you are seeking from a cohort coaching experience.


*Please note - all sessions will take place by phone, unless otherwise communicated.

Services & Specialties

I often work with LGBTQ+ individuals and additionally specialize in the following areas:

  • Cultivating balance, boundaries, and burnout resilience

  • Moving beyond compassion fatigue

  • Identity formation (who you are, how you show up, what you are capable of creating)

  • Authentically aligning your personal and professional life

  • Energy Leadership

  • Spiritual development

  • Repairing relational fractures

  • Sexuality and navigating the coming out process

  • Authentic engagement

Core Energy Coaching

Coaching is an active and creative process between client and coach that is specifically tailored to (1) empower individuals to identify gaps between who they want to be and how they are currently showing up in their own lives, (2) implement actionable steps to close those gaps, and (3) create a more authentic, passionate, and aligned life.

There is no “one size fits all” method for every client, so based on your unique profile and specific needs, I design a plan that will best benefit you by

  • identifying who you are and digging into the beliefs which comprise that identity

  • examining how you show up and whether or not your presence is in line with your values and core beliefs

  • developing strategies and goals that allow you to implement your new awarenesses in tangible ways that produce results

Together, we identify internal and external blocks that inhibit your growth and then develop deep awareness and self-mastery around those areas. Additionally, as your coach, I custom-tailor a coaching plan for you that includes exercises, activities, assignments, and tools specifically designed to move you forward in your self-identified goals throughout our coaching partnership.


Schedule an Appointment

If you are scheduling an appointment for the first time, please select “free consultation” and follow the instructions provided. Sarah will be in touch prior to your consult with additional call-in instructions.