something whole


The heart of life happens in the middle - between clear beginnings and tidied up endings.

It happens in the breaking, the bruising, the becoming.

In the heart of life, there are shadows and cobwebs and question marks. Clarity has not yet arrived on the scene. Comfort is waiting in the next room. Confidence is missing in action.

There - in the wide and wild in-between - lies the raw and bloodied animal of our spirits: tender, fragile, wanting.

Solutions are not yet at hand.

Peace has not yet been won.

Healing has yet to come.

And even so.

There, in the middle...

While the story is still unfolding, the characters still taking form, the challenges still arising -

you are, for a moment,


For it is not when the pieces of our lives have found their way back to one another nor when the answers we've been seeking greet the questions that have beckoned them that we become unbroken.

Rather, it is when our sacred humanity dances with wonder, fear, and uncertainty that we bring every part of ourselves to the story we are writing with the instrument that is our lives; ink spilling out, moment by moment, in all of its painstaking glory.

So you,

dear one:

You with the questions in your eyes, the ferocity in your mind, the passion in your heart -


may be on your way to something grand

something soothing

something that sighs with relief,

no longer pandering for comfort

or to be seen.


may be on your way to something good -

but even now,

you are in the


of something


Sarah Kessler