Trainings and Workshop Offerings

Sarah works with organizations (for profit and non-profit) and teams in order to strengthen and equip them to foster a more collaborative, energized, and productive work environment comprised of empowered and inspired team members.


60 MINUTES $285 • 90 MINUTES $365

Discover the ways in which your values, interpretations, and listening patterns impact your communication style. Learn how to pair powerful ideas with empowering language, so you can lead the energy of your conversations and develop more intentional and inspiring methods of engaging those around you.


Authentic Connection

60 MINUTES $285 • 90 MINUTES $365

Learn how to foster deep and lasting connection with those in each tier of your social system in a way that is both authentic and empowering. Transform your professional and personal relationships by mastering energy management, connective communication, and values alignment.


Energy Leadership


What if you could steer the energy in your life and workplace, regardless of your circumstances or the content of your conversations? What if you were empowered to lead the emotional energy of those around you in every moment? Discover the impact of both catabolic and anabolic energy and learn how to transform your environment by transitioning between the 7 Levels of Energy Leadership at will.


Authentic Branding

60 MINUTES $285

Many entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners struggle to manage their brand in a way that feels genuine rather than contrived. In the hustle and bustle of running a company or small business, it can be all too easy to create a brand that - over time - no longer holds up a mirror to your own values or motivations. This workshop focuses on the dynamics at play in cultivating a brand presence that easily flows from a heart-centric place and requires little to no extra effort on your part in order to achieve a brand that aligns with who you are and how you show up in the world.


Leadership in Action

60 MINUTES $285 

Being a leader is about so much more than merely managing a team and ensuring that they are functioning at a high level of productivity and effectiveness. Leadership requires keen observation, compassion, empathy, perseverance, strategic planning, and invaluable interpersonal skills. This workshop explores the relationship between your values, emotional awareness, energetic engagement, and shame stories and sets you up for unparalleled success as a stand-out leader.

Self-Care and Burnout Resilience

60 MINUTES $285 • 90 MINUTES $365

Over time, even the most beloved careers can begin to feel like passionless obligations fraught by imbalance, overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout. Caregivers in a variety of fields are often so caught up in the story of their clients, patients, and customers that they lose sight of their own well-being and one day, wake up and realize they have succumbed to burnout. This workshop addresses the factors that contribute to burnout and equips you with tools to mitigate your experience and create resilience strategies. Designed for professionals for whom burnout seems like an inevitable pathway as well as for those who are already in the trenches of burnout and overwhelm, you will leave energized and equipped with techniques to combat burnout and navigate the road forward.


Customized Workshops and Trainings


Sarah also creates customized workshops and trainings on a case-by-case basis. To inquire about a customized group experience, please fill out a contact form or reach out to Sarah at


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