Authentic engagement can be hard to come by these days.

It’s so easy to hide behind a persona on social media or mask our true selves beneath our job titles, volunteerism, the roles we play in our families, or our loyalties to faith-based and religious institutions.

Some of us have been feeding the monster of Other People’s Expectations for as long as we can remember, and we are out of crumbs to throw under the table.

Others have simply succumbed to the simplicity and familiarity of “the way things have always been.”

And yet, something deep within the core of most humans groans with the all-consuming question -

“Is this really all there is to life?”

Many people will go through their lives pretending that this question is not gnawing away at their very existence - eating away at their certainty, and surely smothering their satisfaction.

But scattered across the globe, there are dreamers just like you who are not content to keep their dreams chained to immovable barriers. Shame-sufferers who are tired of suffering. Passionate creators who know they are destined to make their mark on the wide and waiting world, and who are ready to take action. Future business owners, entrepreneurs, community leaders, politicians, teachers, pastors, and creatives who are tired of waiting on the world to change, and ready to charge into action. There are LGBTQ+ kids who are ready to bust down their closet doors and teach the world how to be unapologetically authentic. Followers who are ready to become leaders.

You are among them. You are ready for a change, but you don’t know where to begin.

That's where I come in.


I empower individuals and teams to authentically integrate every aspect of themselves in how they show up and what they choose to create in their lives. In doing so, I inspire my clients to create a new framework for what it means to be human and make a profound difference.

Brand Storytelling

I equip business owners and visionaries with the language necessary to convey their profound message while helping to foster a culture of clarity, connectivity, and compelling engagement. I accomplish this through comprehensive communication strategy and copywriting.



I inspire teams and entities of leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs to authentically integrate who they are and what they do in a way that is powerful, passionate, and purpose-oriented. Through effective strategies for communication and values alignment, I equip individuals and teams for incomparable success and satisfaction.

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Sarah is easy to talk to and immediately makes you feel comfortable. Her voice is soothing. I found myself needing someone to talk with who I could trust - who would put things into perspective for me with a fresh set of eyes and an open heart. Sarah is, no doubt, that person and I would recommend her and her services to anyone.
— Steph Grant, Founder of the Promote Love Movement
Working with Sarah early on in my public work allowed me to identify my core values and what I actually wanted, and those core values have been a guiding light in my work ever since. Together, we made a plan that was practical, challenging, and required me to take responsibility for my own dreams. Whether you are trying to find some direction, trying to figure out how to get your projects or ideas off the ground, or maybe you’re trying to figure out “how to adult,” whatever’s got you stuck, Sarah is can help un-stick you. She’s not a solution, but rather she helps you find your solutions. I’d recommend Sarah as a coach to anyone who needs some fresh eyes on their work. She’s phenomenal.
— Kevin Garcia, Digital Pastor & Content Creator
Sarah has an exceptional ability to dig deep into areas of my psyche where I needed to go to pull out a healthier, more confident me. In my sessions with her, I felt safe and comforted by both her professionalism and caring voice. She was able to help me incorporate my talents and fears to identify areas of growth and well-being.
— Becky Girmann, Director of Denver Spanish Network
Sarah is a passionate, wise soul who brings a heart-centered approach to her coaching. Her calming presence made me instantly feel comfortable. Through Sarah’s guidance, I was able to create a vision for my life and my creativity was reignited.
— Julia Sharp, CFO
Working with Sarah was great! I truly felt seen and heard at each of our meetings. Rather than give me answers, she listened and asked thoughtful questions. This allowed me to gain a better sense of clarity and dig deep within.
— Bri Erger, Entrepreneur
Sarah has an established, professional process that I was very impressed with. She helped me navigate a season of fatigue in my life in which I was dealing with my mother who was dying of cancer, a difficult assistant leading to a staff transition in my practice, the day to day grind of running my own business, as well as struggling to balance my home life with my wife and 2 year old daughter. I was giving everything I had to other people and other things in my life, and I was BURNT OUT. I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of the relationships in my life and I felt like I wasn’t connecting with people like I used to. I’m happy to report that working with Sarah had a profound impact on my life. I have new assistant who I adore and appreciate dearly. My mom has passed but I was able to grieve in a healthy way and get through it. My wife and I are expecting our 2nd child, and yet we feel grateful, blessed, thankful and are in a fantastic place in our lives. - much different from before. I’m producing at the highest level ever in my practice. We are laughing, smiling, connecting, and enjoying our life. I’m glad to say that season of life is over, and that Sarah was a big help during that time.
— Rob T., Financial Advisor