Taking Back Your Life by Shifting Your Money Mindset

We spend money on what matters to us. Take a look at your bank statement - simply put, it's a diary of what you care about most. 

Lots of coffee dates? Maybe you value relationships or getting shit done.

Frequenting gas stations in different towns? Maybe you really value getting away and finding sacred spaces to explore throughout the week.

Going to shows a couple times a month? Maybe experiencing music is part of what makes you feel alive and most in tune with your highest self.

Wherever your money is going, it is an energy transfer that is somehow connecting you to more of yourself.

One thing I've found, as a coach, when I encounter individuals who balk at the price tag but crave personal growth is NOT the disbelief in the value of the coaching experience, but the discomfort in investing time, energy, and money into themselves.

We are quick to invest in activities that occupy our time and require much doing, yet we are skeptical of investments that require core contemplative focus on being.

You are the only constant in your entire life. You will never spend more time with anyone but yourself. You can invest in experiences and adventures and buy all the coffee in the world, but at the end of the day, it's your relationship with self that is the most important.

Yet sometimes, we accumulate experiences and conversations because it makes the avoidance of our own personal growth easier. We buy into unspoken cultural taboos that shame us into silence all while absorbing the belief that success is all about "doing" and has nothing to do with the art of being.

We exhaust ourselves until we are tired and drained and our mental and emotional health are suffering. Our relationships experience strain, but we just keep pushing because we think we have to become something other than ourselves in order to be successful.

So we push away our most authentic self in order to make room for a shadow of self that is barely keeping its head above water. Striving becomes the driving force and we operate out of a mentality of scarcity (of our time, energy, and money) rather than out of passionate overflow (where our being and doing harmoniously intersect).

The reality is this: after a while, this routine becomes exhausting and we lose our stamina. Those in helping professions often encounter compassion fatigue - a massive wave that threatens to drown anyone in its path.

Burnout is both a looming fear and devastating reality for many individuals in a variety of professions (entrepreneurs, medical professionals, mental health professionals, nonprofit executives, spiritual leaders, CEOs, etc.).

And yet, in spite of patterns that reveal a core issue, we rarely have direct conversations about the core energy which results in imbalance, poor boundaries, and ultimately, burnout.

But there is a way out - and it doesn't involve professional suicide, self-sabotage, alienation, shame, or self-destruction.

It is possible to choose a fulfilling career you love while also choosing self-awareness, self-care, and burnout resilience along the way.

We are fragile, but we are resilient. The consuming darkness of burnout can happen to anyone. And if it's happening to you, your admission neither makes you weak nor hopeless. On the contrary, it makes you brave and hopeful and strategically positions you to recover the reins of your life while creating a future you love in the process.

We always find a way to make the things happen that we want the most. Maybe it's time to take that ounce of faith in self and grow it into something more - something like self-confidence, healthy balance, self-respecting boundaries, burnout resilience, and self-love.

It's hard to put a price tag on such valuable characteristics that you will take with you for the rest of your life. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Let's talk about an investment that will continue to give back